Bernard Muir’s Athletic Department continues to spend on bloated administrative salaries

“Blaming an athletic department’s deficits on the squash, rowing and synchronized swimming teams is a little like blaming an alcoholic’s addiction on the bar snacks” - Gary Cavalli, former Stanford Athletic Director

Deficits existed long before the COVID pandemic; they were caused by Bernard Muir overseeing large increases in spending on salaries.

  • Saving $4 million a year by cutting these 11 programs does not cover the $32.8 million rise in compensation/benefits, but it does cut almost a third of the student-athletes.

  • Athletic Director Bernard Muir has overseen an 84% spike in compensation and benefits. Since he took over as Athletic Director in 2012, spending has increased from $38.8 to $71.6 million a year.

  • The growth in compensation and salaries is not driven by the addition of new sports or coaching positions. Growth has been driven by additional administrative positions in the department over the last 10 years.

  • Only one sport has been added since 2012: Women’s Beach Volleyball (17 roster spots, 3 total coaching spots).

  • The average salary of athletic trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and assistant coaches is $80,000

  • The average salary of an athletic department administrative employee is $209,000

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