New York Times: As Stanford Cuts Teams, Olympic Hopefuls All Over the U.S. Feel a Chill

Kyler Presho, a Stanford men’s volleyball player, can’t forget all the times university officials said they were in this together.

Stanford athletics was a family, they told him. Cardinal for life, they said. And he believed it. That support and understanding are why he had made it a tradition to climb to the top of the stands before his home matches, look at the big “S” at midcourt and appreciate his life at a leading university where one in eight undergraduates play a varsity sport.

But last month, just weeks before his senior year started, Presho was blindsided when the university abruptly announced it was cutting men’s volleyball and 10 other teams — nearly one-third of Stanford’s 36 varsity programs. The last seasons of those sports would be in 2020-21, if the pandemic allowed, and Stanford said there would be no chance of saving the teams through fund-raising.

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