SF Chron: For Stanford's century-old wrestling program, no foe is tougher than its own university

On Friday, the duffel bags will be packed for the trip. Plain black singlets. Warm-ups emblazoned not with the once-coveted name of their university but instead with the words of their cause: “Keep Stanford Wrestling.”

Slated for a walk to the gallows by the school’s administration, the Stanford wrestling team is first headed to Sunday’s Pac-12 championships at Oregon State. The wrestlers are determined to prove that not only are they worthy of a final truncated season, but a permanent place at Stanford.

“Our main goal is to keep this going,” said redshirt freshman Jaden Abas. “I’m not giving up my goals until the final word is set in stone.”

Abas expected to represent the future of the 104-year-old wrestling program. Instead, his team was slated for termination by Stanford, along with 10 other varsity teams, in a decision announced last July.

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