SF Chron: Stanford alum Katie Ledecky mourns 'tough times' that led to proposed cuts

If Stanford University were a nation, it would have finished eighth at the Rio Olympics. If Stanford were a nation, Katie Ledecky would be the state wielding the most power.

Ledecky, who has won six Olympic medals, five of them gold, including four golds and a silver in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, has spent the pandemic training on the Stanford campus. Ledecky has spent the year preparing for this summer’s rescheduled Tokyo Olympics, in which she will be one of the faces of Team USA.

Ledecky is aware that her university has abandoned its commitment to several Olympic sports. The self-proclaimed “Home of Champions” announced in July that it planned to eliminate 11 varsity sports.

“It’s tough times,” Ledecky said Wednesday in a video interview with a handful of reporters. “Not just for the athletes, but the coaches and all the families involved. It’s hard to see throughout the country, not just at Stanford, with sports being cut and Olympic sports, specifically.

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