Stanford rushed to cut teams, but the savings will not close the deficit

The Stanford Athletic Department began running a deficit in FY 19. The “Steady-State'' deficit settles in at $11.5 million per year, greater than years prior to COVID, even after cutting 11 sports.

These cuts are claimed to save Stanford $8 million a year in expenses

  • The 11 cut sports are among the least expensive in the entire athletic department

  • Cutting the 11 sports saves $6.5M per year, according to Department of Education filings and only $4.5M per year net of the more than $23M endowments several of the cut sports already had in place.

$4.5M in savings equates to 3% of the athletic department’s annual budget of $150M, 0.07% of Stanford’s overall $6.8B annual budget, and 0.016% of Stanford's $29B endowment.