What is the 36 Sports Strong solution?

The 36 Sports Strong plan calls for reinstating the 11 cut sports immediately. Providing 5 years of runway for the 11 sports to self-endow and instituting a new financial structure in which 34 sports become self-funded, while football and men’s basketball retain their profits.

  • Self endowment is a new, sustainable approach to funding college sports.

  • Evidence exists it can work at Stanford. Over 5 months, these 11 sports have already raised over $40 million without assistance from Stanford’s development professionals

  • Launch a committee of sports business experts from the business school and DAPER Investment Fund to find sustainable solutions

The Athletic Department’s plan cuts teams, continues spending on bloated administrative salaries and still doesn’t close the deficit.

  • Cut 11 sports to save “$8 million a year”.

  • Raise a $165 million general endowment.

  • Raise $150 million in capital investments.

  • Negotiate a new PAC-12 broadcast football deal in 2024.