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Thank you for singing the petition and joining 36 Sports Strong. There is more you can do. Contact Stanford leaders via email so they hear loud and clear its time to reinstate all 11 of the cut varsity programs. And, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Share your protest directly with Stanford leadership.  Email key decision makers and urge them to meet with 36 Sports Strong and reinstate all varsity teams.

If the buttons below do not automatically populate an email, please copy and paste from the letter page.

Board:  Tell the Stanford Board of Trustees that cutting teams is damaging the Stanford University legacy.

Raise your concerns directly with the President and Provost. Tell them Stanford should be creating new opportunities, not taking them away.

Athletic Director: Tell Stanford's athletic director his plan has big flaws. There is a better way to fund varsity sports.

Denney: Join the Donor Boycott.  Tell Stanford you are stopping all financial support until all varsity teams are reinstated.